Russia 6 sets of 0.5 ton electric heating steam boilers

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Russia 6 sets of 0.5 ton electric heating steam boilers

The company that cooperates with TOBO Boiler is located in Russia and is an important enterprise involved in Russian security and national economy. It mainly deals with the manufacture of large machinery and the maintenance of normal operation of machinery. Since the company's original steam boiler equipment has been used for many years, the degree of damage is very serious, and the boiler thermal efficiency is only about 60%. To this end, the company urgently needs to purchase new boiler equipment, and the TOBO boiler has customized six electric heating steam boilers (WDR0.5-0.8-II) with a pressure of 0.8MPa.

Russia 6 sets of 0.5 ton electric heating steam boilers

This type of electric heating steam boiler has more than ten protection measures such as leakage, water shortage, over pressure and abnormal power supply, which can guarantee the normal operation of the boiler and prolong the service life of the boiler under normal conditions. Moreover, the boiler is also very convenient in operation. After the power source is introduced into the electric control box, the boiler can enter the fully automatic operation state by one-button operation, and the parameters can be adjusted according to the boiler operating condition.

TOBO Boiler once cooperated with another subsidiary of our company. The cooperation was based on mutual trust between the two parties, so the project progressed very smoothly. The 6 electric heating steam boilers provided this time have greatly helped our company's machinery manufacturing. The stable output of the boiler also eliminates our worries about the safety of the boiler.

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